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Hiking for Emails – Internet for the developing world

This video is a beautiful example of how internet access in remote areas improves the standards of health, education and prosperity. With the help from people all over the world Mahabir Pun has connected over 60.000 people to the world wide web.

This video is also a good example of how to bring the internet to the developing world. Google and Facebook have launched campaigns and programs to achieve such goal, however, the only allow certain access to websites for free. Which means, they are able to control the internet traffic and makes them a threat to the net neutrality. Net neutrality is the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally.

There are a lot of important discussions and decision-making going on right now. As always I personally hope that the right and bright people in this process will be able to make the right choices.

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free SSL for everybody

Let’s Encrypt is the latest initiative by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).
Their goal is simple, every site on the internet has to be SSL secured.

They want to achieve that by serving an open certificate authority (CA) and also provide a tool to set up a secured site the easiest way possible.

And now the big deal about this, their service is free of charge!

If this is really a thing, it will be a disaster for the SSL economy. As you might know SSL certificates are everything else than cheap. So good luck to every company that relays on selling SSL certificates as their core competence.

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Finally WhatsApp has grown up

Since the dawn of the internet I’ve been waiting for this feature. After every other chat app competitior (see line or telegram) have launched their web app, WhatsApp finally is available for your browser. Simply go to, scan a QR-code and start chatting with your friends.

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Why you should use Piwik instead of Google Analytics

Piwik is growing fast, it’s getting smarter and more reliable every day. Right now it’s the time to think about this alternative web analytic solution.
As I’m using it for years I forgot the original cause that made me replace Google Analytics with Piwik.

So here are my most important perks for using Piwik instead of Google Analytics:
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