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Update Hostfile with Chrome/Firefox Plugin

Domain-ip mapping is essential in developing new websites as you have to test URLs without changing DNS entries.

Yet I’ve always update the local host file which requires in most cases a restart of the browser. This is a busy an troublesome issue.

Luckily there’s for everything a plugin, tool or script, this also goes for host file updates via Chrome/Firefox plugin.
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Update Obsolete User Principal Names in Office 365 Windows Azure Directory

It could happen that the directory sync service (DirSync) doesn’t sync the users UserPrincipalName correctly.

I had an issue where the UserPrincipalName from a user in the Office 365 windows azure directory has been made based on the user’s sAMAccountname. This wouldn’t be problem if as long the sAMAccountname is the as same as the UserPrincipalName, but as you can guess this is not everywhere the case.

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manage SharePoint list alerts for multiple users on multiple lists

In certain cases SharePoint alerts are more useful than workflows, f.e. having the possibility to let users manager their alerts is not possible with workflows.

To manager alerts for a couple of users on specific lists I’ve written a script that handles the whole cycle of alerts. It let me delete, update and create alerts based on predefined configuration.

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Exchange Update Offline Address Book

Since Exchange 2010 the graphical console doesn’t support the same functionality as the PowerShell Exchange console, it’s possible that there occur some exotic errors or a lack of functionality while working with the graphical console. I recommend to use only the Exchange PowerShell console for administrative work.

For example: I had to update the offline address book, I’ve deleted some distribution groups, updated the address list and the offline book, all with the graphical console. Result the address book still wasn’t up to date in the Outlook client after downloading the offline address book.

So I did the same thing with PowerShell:

Get-OfflineAddressbook | Update-OfflineAddressbook
Get-ClientAccessServer | Update-FileDistributionService

And hurray everything worked.