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Get rid of Disqus

Recently I read an article on HN (Hacker News) Replacing Disqus with Github Comments and decided to drop the Disqus commenting system on this site. A long time ago I’ve added Disqus to my page because of it was easy to use and had out-of-the-box spam prevention. The cost of it as I see now was a heavy breach in privacy and site performance. When I read the article mentioned above I was shocked what I was forcing on people visiting my site. Just to give you an idea what’s going on:

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Reactive subscriptions with Apollo and React

Apollo server and client support real-time subscriptions with web sockets. Compared to Meteor’s out of the box real-time communication this is a lot more difficult to set up. With this short tutorial I’ll give you an example of how you can get a simple reactive subscriptions into your Apollo/React app. The idea is that you use real-time communication for a specific case only, f.g. sending notifications. We will accomplish this in five steps.

  1. Install project requirements.
  2. Setup the server schema.
  3. Add server resolvers.
  4. Setup the client subscription.
  5. Modify a component to receive data from a subscription.
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Dust and Dirt

Abandoned places have a special attraction to me. There are not many places where you literally can experience the past. Thinking of past times is always difficult, most of the times you’ll end up thinking of black and white pictures you’ve seen somewhere before, would you agree? By visiting abandoned places you always get a small piece of past times. The more often you’ll visit such places the more that picute of the past changes in you head.

With some friends I’ve seen a couple of these dirty und dusty places and made tons of photos. I want to show you my favorites.
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Barry Underwood the master of light painting

In my last tumblr session I came along a post about Barry Underwood’s pictures. He’s a photographer with a talent for amazing light painted photos.

The pictures you’re seeing haven’t been edited in Photoshop or any other software. Barry Underwood took this photographs with a long exposure camera installation and a bunch of lights.
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Update Hostfile with Chrome/Firefox Plugin

Domain-ip mapping is essential in developing new websites as you have to test URLs without changing DNS entries.

Yet I’ve always update the local host file which requires in most cases a restart of the browser. This is a busy an troublesome issue.

Luckily there’s for everything a plugin, tool or script, this also goes for host file updates via Chrome/Firefox plugin.
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