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How I manage knowledge

So far I mostly posted about technical aspects of IT. Mainly solutions for particular problems. In future I would like to change that a bit. Not only because I am currently working on confidential projects, but also because I believe I have developed some ideas worth to be shared.
One of those ideas is about knowledge management. While I never dealt with the topic on a research level, I made some experience while applying knowledge base solutions in different companies. Interest in this topic is probably cause because I often faced a frustrating situation.
IT employees at company X were not incentivized to write documentations at all. Company X had not institutionalized a proper knowledge management. In result with employees leaving the company, knowledge got lost. Mistakes were repeated. Frustration increased. A vicious cycle.
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Migrate KeePass to Pass

I’m using KeePass for a few years now. It always has been the password manager of my choice.
Currently I’m using KeePass on my Mac and Windows connected to the same database file. The KeePass database file is stored in a OneDrive folder, encrypted with a password and keyfile, which is stored in the Keybase filesystem. This setup gives me maximum security and portability. However, it makes it impossible to use KeePass on my mobile device. Also I miss the possibility to use KeePass in my browser or on the command line. I’ve looked for an alternative solution, which doesn’t compromise on security and gives me the same level of portability.

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Meteor and Mantra – Routing redirect

Recently I started using Mantra to develop my Meteor apps. As with any other framework You’ll find a lot of answers to common questions in a related forum or any other resource. However I couldn’t get a good answer on how to implement routing logic properly. The Mantra specs also don’t tell much about how to approach it. So here’s my solution.
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Hide the Open in Explorer option in the SharePoint command ribbon

Since it’s possible to upload documents to SharePoint via Drag and Drop, the “Open in Explorer” option in SharePoint can be removed.

I recommend to remove this option unregarded of it’s possible to upload via Drag and Drop as the user can’t update document metadata in the windows explorer.

Here’s an example of what we want:

Hidden Open in Explorer option

And the solution to achieve this, is available on GitHub:

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Install SharePoint 2013 Three-tier Farm – Deploy the SQL Server Backup Job

This post of is part of my Install SharePoint 2013 Three-tier Farm project.

A clean SQL Server maintenance plan should include three processes, backup, integrity check and index optimize.

You could simply set up a SQL Server maintenance plan within the SQL Server management studio. But be aware that there are better solutions, E.g. Ola Hallengren’s SQL Server Maintenance Solution is my absolutely favourite.

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