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Create WordPress admin user with sql only

If you don’t have access to you WordPress website anymore, but still can update the MySQL database. You can easily add a new admin user with this sql script:

USE <database>;
SET @username = '<username>';
SET @password = MD5('<password>');
SET @fullname = '<Firstname Lastname>';
SET @email = '<>';
SET @url = '<>';
INSERT INTO `wp_users` (`user_login`, `user_pass`, `user_nicename`, `user_email`, `user_url`, `user_registered`, `user_status`, `display_name`) VALUES (@username, @password, @fullname, @email, @url, NOW(), '0', @fullname);
SET @userid = LAST_INSERT_ID();
INSERT INTO `wp_usermeta` (`user_id`, `meta_key`, `meta_value`) VALUES (@userid, 'wp_capabilities', 'a:1:{s:13:"administrator";s:1:"1";}');
INSERT INTO `wp_usermeta` (`user_id`, `meta_key`, `meta_value`) VALUES (@userid, 'wp_user_level', '10');

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Change Active Directory User Password Expiration Mode

To change an Active Directory users password expiration mode you can use this PowerShell snippet:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory

Get-ADGroupMember "Group1" -Recursive |
Get-ADUser -Properties PasswordNeverExpires |
where {$_.enabled -eq $true -and $_.PasswordNeverExpires -eq $false} |
select -First 50 | %{

    Write-Host $_.UserPrincipalName
    Set-ADUser $_ -PasswordNeverExpires $true

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Archive ActiveDirectory Users and their Mailbox

One of my company’s requirements is the retention time of 10 years for user accounts and their mailbox data, I have to admit, this might not be common or even recommended.
However I have to deal with it.

One problem to face is the availabilty of user account names, by the number of about 500 employees there’s a hight change that two or even more people are having the same name.

To clean up the available names in the system I’ve written a script that renames a users identity and the mailboxes address.
So let’s see what this script does:

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Manage ActiveDirectory Distribution Groups

With Office365 connected with an ADFS you have to redesgin your Exchange distribution groups. ADFS only syncs distribution groups that have these definitions:

  • Group scope is universal
  • Group type is distribution
  • Group members have to be users
    • Yes, it’s not possible to have security groups or something else as distribution group members.

My idea was simple, I’m developing a script that creates for every OU and child OU I’m chosing in the ActiveDirectory structure a distribution list containing the users of the chosen OU recursively.

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Create a Office365 user license report

With over 350 users in the Office365 cloud as in my caseĀ it’s difficult being aware of which licenses I really need.

To help my out I’ve made an ActiveDirectory group which holds the allowed Office365 users. And with this PowerShell script I look up every Office365 user and his licenses and check if this users is allowed to use Office365.

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