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E-Mail report of unchecked SharePoint files

Having unchecked files in the SharePoint is not a big deal as long as you aware of the those files.

Being unaware of which files are unchecked can really harm the information integrity of the SharePoint.

In one of my last posts I’ve reported the SharePoint storage space used by files and found about 1 GB of unchecked files by several people.

As they are in most cases unaware of those files or even don’t understand what the file check-in/check-out is about, it’s almost impossible to handle this files.

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SharePoint File Reporting Done Right

To know what type of information a SharePoint Installation is holding could get more difficult as the platform grows.

To set quota templates on the site collection is a good way to keep an eye on the SharePoint storage, but it doesn’t’ show the real used storage.

In case versioning for files is enabled and/or the users don’t check in their files properly these files using space without let you know.

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Find dead SharePoint ActiveDirectory Groups

The are three ways to handle access rights in SharePoint.

  • Using ActiveDirectory Groups
  • Using SharePoint Groups
  • Using both of them

I personally recommend to use the first suggestion. Managing the access rights in one system is much easier to administrate, no switching or log off for administration work.

In our SharePoint installation I create for each securable resource and rights type a ActiveDirectory group and assign them organization groups.

A huge disadvantage of this strategy is that after a period of adding ActiveDirectory groups it’s hard to know which of those groups are really required.

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Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2013/Office365

The Managed Metadata feature in SharePoint 2010/2013/Office365 enables a new way to manage your documents and other company related informations.

Yet most file systems store their files in an hierarchical structure, with SharePoint and the Managed Metadata Service you can setup a document management system.

To get into this Managed Metadata Service thing, I’ve found a great video.

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SharePoint 2013 unable to unlock site collection

In case you manage your SharePoint installation with PowerShell and your backup script failed, you might experience that the site collection is locked for any kind of access.
That’s because SharePoint locks the site collection for backups until the backup process has finished.

And in another case like mine, it could happen that you’re unable to unlock the workspace, despite your logged in as administrator.

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