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Deploy Ubuntu server

This post is part of my Your own Virtual Private Server hosting solution project.
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Why Ubuntu?


  • Ubuntu is the leading and most popular Linux distro.
  • It’s easy to install, deploy and manage.
  • Ubuntu remains the most popular operating system for OpenStack deployments.
  • It’s available for multiple devices.
  • Ubuntu benefits from a huge community support since ever.
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Manage ActiveDirectory Distribution Groups

With Office365 connected with an ADFS you have to redesgin your Exchange distribution groups. ADFS only syncs distribution groups that have these definitions:

  • Group scope is universal
  • Group type is distribution
  • Group members have to be users
    • Yes, it’s not possible to have security groups or something else as distribution group members.

My idea was simple, I’m developing a script that creates for every OU and child OU I’m chosing in the ActiveDirectory structure a distribution list containing the users of the chosen OU recursively.

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Website Seminars ILZ

The astonishing and powerful Typo3 extension ‘seminars’ provides everything you’ll need to offer courses. However it’s very difficult and complex to configure this extension.

This project was a chance to deal with this extension. The goal was simple, provide an online Tool to proceed and manage courses.
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Website Janik von Rotz

My Typo3 knowledge, that I’ve acquired in the recent projects, has been proven and extended with this personal website projects. Trying to use the latest technologies and standards from webdesign I’ve built a new blogging website.
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