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How I manage knowledge

So far I mostly posted about technical aspects of IT. Mainly solutions for particular problems. In future I would like to change that a bit. Not only because I am currently working on confidential projects, but also because I believe I have developed some ideas worth to be shared.
One of those ideas is about knowledge management. While I never dealt with the topic on a research level, I made some experience while applying knowledge base solutions in different companies. Interest in this topic is probably cause because I often faced a frustrating situation.
IT employees at company X were not incentivized to write documentations at all. Company X had not institutionalized a proper knowledge management. In result with employees leaving the company, knowledge got lost. Mistakes were repeated. Frustration increased. A vicious cycle.
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Meteor productive deployment blank page

First some background. I’ve built a Meteor app and decided to deploy it to Heroku. There are many short and simple guides out there on how to do that. As I did so and opened the App for the first on Heroku I simply received a blank page. Where did my javascript code go? Heroku logs didn’t tell much.
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