Handling user password change and expiration issues with Office365 and ADFS – Part 2


This is part two of my experience in handling the password change office365 architecture issue.

Last time I’ve built a simple script  to notificate the users about the status of their passwords. In the mean time we (me and another employ of the “vbl Informatik”) built a simple website for the office365 users to change their password.

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Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2013/Office365

The Managed Metadata feature in SharePoint 2010/2013/Office365 enables a new way to manage your documents and other company related informations.

Yet most file systems store their files in an hierarchical structure, with SharePoint and the Managed Metadata Service you can setup a document management system.

To get into this Managed Metadata Service thing, I’ve found a great video.

[youtube https://youtu.be/j4psvjLtlno][/youtube]

Manage ActiveDirectory Distribution Groups

With Office365 connected with an ADFS you have to redesgin your Exchange distribution groups. ADFS only syncs distribution groups that have these definitions:

  • Group scope is universal
  • Group type is distribution
  • Group members have to be users
    • Yes, it’s not possible to have security groups or something else as distribution group members.

My idea was simple, I’m developing a script that creates for every OU and child OU I’m chosing in the ActiveDirectory structure a distribution list containing the users of the chosen OU recursively.

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