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Get rid of Disqus

Recently I read an article on HN (Hacker News) Replacing Disqus with Github Comments and decided to drop the Disqus commenting system on this site. A long time ago I’ve added Disqus to my page because of it was easy to use and had out-of-the-box spam prevention. The cost of it as I see now was a heavy breach in privacy and site performance. When I read the article mentioned above I was shocked what I was forcing on people visiting my site. Just to give you an idea what’s going on:

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Create a hotspot with your windows 8 computer

This short guide will tell you how you can turn your computer into a hotspot to share a internet connection with you wlan devices.

We assumed that you either have your computer connected with the internet by a cable or a mobile data connection, or you have not internet connection at all and just want create a LAN (local computer network).
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Step by Step: Install Ghost Blog

Latest Version of this guide:

Finishing this guide you”ll get:

  • A running Ghost installation
  • Amazon SES mail configuration
  • Simple ssh hardenings
  • Nginx proxy
  • Node.js configured with forever

Specification of latest running installation:

  • Date: 21.01.2014
  • OS: Ubuntu 64 bit – 12.04.4 LTS
  • Provider: Amazon EC2
  • Mail service: Amazon SES
  • Browser: Google Chrome – 31.0.1650.63
  • Ghost: 0.4
  • Node: 0.10.24
  • npm: 1.3.21
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