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Graphql with Apollo, Meteor and React

For my last project I had to build a web application to administrate a MongoDB database. Due to using Meteor quite a lot I heard about Graphql and the Apollostack. Graphql, which is a specification done by Facebook engineers, promises to be the better REST API (which I hope it is). I became curious and decided the build the server API with Apollo. First I tried to evade using the Meteor as build system as I don’t want to get too accustomed to this full-stack ecosystem. However, building a live-reload server and client build system in ES6 with Node.js, Babel and Webpack was simply too much work compared to building this simple web app. So in result this was my stack:
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OLMOTO – An app built by beginners

One month ago I started teaching a friend the basics of JavaScript with Meteor, Mantra and React.
Together we’ve built an app to create and share events with friends. It was an awesome experience. Yesterday we launched a private version on heroku. For us this was a great accomplishment. I learned a lot from this project and thought about sharing it with world.

Some technical features and challenges we solved:

  • Access control for methods, publications and routing.
  • Mobile first ui with material design.
  • Fulltext search everywhere.
  • File upload to Dropbox with Meteor-Files.
  • Images with different thumbnails.
  • Keyboard navigation in single views.
  • Ready for deployment to heroku.

Thanks to the makers of Meteor, React, Mantra and Mantra-CLI.

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Meteor productive deployment blank page

First some background. I’ve built a Meteor app and decided to deploy it to Heroku. There are many short and simple guides out there on how to do that. As I did so and opened the App for the first on Heroku I simply received a blank page. Where did my javascript code go? Heroku logs didn’t tell much.
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Meteor and Mantra – Routing redirect

Recently I started using Mantra to develop my Meteor apps. As with any other framework You’ll find a lot of answers to common questions in a related forum or any other resource. However I couldn’t get a good answer on how to implement routing logic properly. The Mantra specs also don’t tell much about how to approach it. So here’s my solution.
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