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Graphql with Apollo, Meteor and React

For my last project I had to build a web application to administrate a MongoDB database. Due to using Meteor quite a lot I heard about Graphql and the Apollostack. Graphql, which is a specification done by Facebook engineers, promises to be the better REST API (which I hope it is). I became curious and decided the build the server API with Apollo. First I tried to evade using the Meteor as build system as I don’t want to get too accustomed to this full-stack ecosystem. However, building a live-reload server and client build system in ES6 with Node.js, Babel and Webpack was simply too much work compared to building this simple web app. So in result this was my stack:
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OLMOTO – An app built by beginners

One month ago I started teaching a friend the basics of JavaScript with Meteor, Mantra and React.
Together we’ve built an app to create and share events with friends. It was an awesome experience. Yesterday we launched a private version on heroku. For us this was a great accomplishment. I learned a lot from this project and thought about sharing it with world.

Some technical features and challenges we solved:

  • Access control for methods, publications and routing.
  • Mobile first ui with material design.
  • Fulltext search everywhere.
  • File upload to Dropbox with Meteor-Files.
  • Images with different thumbnails.
  • Keyboard navigation in single views.
  • Ready for deployment to heroku.

Thanks to the makers of Meteor, React, Mantra and Mantra-CLI.

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Meteor White Paper


Today’s internet would not work without web applications. Web applications made the web dynamic and extended its targeted audience. The applications made it possible for companies to create new business models and sell their goods and services online. They became popular due to the ubiquity of web browsers, and the convenience of using a web browser as a client (Wikipedia, 2015). Undoubtedly, the technology to build web applications is the cornerstone to enabling the enterprises to keep up with the pace of business. Life cycles of products have become shorter while the demand raised at the same time. Enterprises have to accelerate their application development process to stay competitive in the future.
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Let’s write a Laravel application – Project template

In web development there are tons of programs and tools and due to that also complex and very different development strategies.
Luckily dependency handling got a lot easier. For my Laravel project setup we will use 3 different package managers.
Every package manager of course manages a different resource, we will use composer for php packages, npm for everything related to Node.js and Bower for web packages.
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comment 0 Is it time to drop jQuery? Essentials to learning JavaScript from a jQuery background


jQuery has been a godsend to pretty much all of us front-end developers since it’s release, it’s intuitive methods, easy functions make light work of JavaScript’s loosely typed language. JavaScript is hard, it’s hard to get into, it’s much harder than jQuery. But the time is nearly here, going native is going to be the future of front-end – HTML5.

HTML5 doesn’t just mean a few extra HTML elements, if you’re putting down on your CV/Resume that you know HTML5 because you’ve used the new elements, then think again! HTML5 covers such a mass of technology, and also alongside it comes ECMAScript 5, the future of JavaScript. Combining HTML5 APIs, of which most require JavaScript, we need to adopt a more native structure of working as each day jQuery becomes less important, and here’s why.

This article takes a jQuery lover through some of the harder, more misunderstood, JavaScript methods, functions and more to show how native technology has caught up, how it’s not as difficult as it seems and that native JavaScript is probably going to hit you like a brick in the face fairly soon – if it hasn’t already. As a front-end developer I am pretty passionate about knowing my tech, and admittedly I began with jQuery and moved to learning JavaScript, I know many others have too. This article is here to talk anyone looking to dive into native JavaScript development over jQuery, and should hopefully open up some doors into the future of your coding.

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