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How China is changing our internet

Yesterday I visited the world press photo award exhibition in Zürich. The exhibition displays the best press photos of recent years. It’s mostly about conflicts and rights activism happening all over the world. This time not only pictures where shown, but also videos. One of those videos gave me a lot of thought. It was about how China is changing the internet or already has changed it for its people. A short and concise reportage tells how the internet has developed behind the great firewall. You should definitely watch it, it’s impressive and frightening:
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Hiking for Emails – Internet for the developing world

This video is a beautiful example of how internet access in remote areas improves the standards of health, education and prosperity. With the help from people all over the world Mahabir Pun has connected over 60.000 people to the world wide web.

This video is also a good example of how to bring the internet to the developing world. Google and Facebook have launched campaigns and programs to achieve such goal, however, the only allow certain access to websites for free. Which means, they are able to control the internet traffic and makes them a threat to the net neutrality. Net neutrality is the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally.

There are a lot of important discussions and decision-making going on right now. As always I personally hope that the right and bright people in this process will be able to make the right choices.

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Project: Setup Windows 7 Kiosk

The goal of this project is a simple Windows 7 Kiosk installation with nothing else as the newest version of internet explorer installed. A user should not be allowed to do something than can malfunction the system or even elevating the user privileges. I want to show you in this post which GroupPolicies I’ve used and what configurations I made to set up this type of installation.

First I want to commit my principles for working with ActiveDirectory and Group Policies:

  • If not needed a GroupPolicy shouldn’t contain any registry keys.
    • Group Policies instructions are much easier to read.
  • Only AMDX templates are allowed, this means no AMD templates or anything else.
    • AMDX won’t in contrast to AMD templates becopied to the client, they stay in the SYSVOL Policy Definition folder on the domain controller.
  • The Group Policy objects should be reusable.
  • Configuring the minimum.

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