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Remove provisioned appx packages from Windows image for operating system deployment

While preparing a Windows image for SCCM deployment I looked for a viable solution to remove Windows apps from the image. SCCM offers a lot options to execute this kind of action such as running a task sequence or install an application. But none of the options worked out for me. Either they were too complicated to configure or simply didn’t work as expected. Today I’ve found a script on TechNet seemed to a good solution. This script showed me how easy it is to mount a windows image and remove the app packages directory from it. However, the script was outdated and didn’t offer the option to remove only selected apps. That’s why I’ve created my own remix of the script.
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React image loader with a spinner

hey there, I’ve spent as usual a lot of time with React, Mantra and Meteor. While building a simple app I checked out the new Meteor standard for file handling Meteor-Files. It works great, I really recommend this awesome package. But that’s not what I want to show you. The app I’m working on loads pictures form the dropbox api. Downloading the pictures always takes a while. To make sure the user doesn’t get impatient the app is now displaying a spinner when the image is loading. I would to like to show you how I’ve built this image loader and spinner component.
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Unicorns of Berlin

Unicorns are unique and might not exist. This is a collection of unique pictures of Berlin. I took them since staying there for 3 months. Berlin is quite a special place and will probably attract me a few more times.
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10 new photos every 10 days

On the tumblr website you’ll get every 10 days 10 new high resolution photographs made by various dedicated photographers.

This website offers is a pleasant way to explore nice photographs and learn about unknown and passionate photographers. Every photo is free for download, you can use them for whatever you like.

Here’s one of my favourites so far:

unsplash favorite