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Autodeploy to Github Pages with Travis CI

Github pages are a common way to create a website for your open-source project.
Github provides a website generator tool which simply reads the README file from your repository.
The big disadvantage is that there’s no auto deployment for your this kind of website. You always have to run the generator manually.
To solve this problem we need a third-party computing engine that automatically updates our page. This is the perfect job for Travis CI.
Travis CI is a Github integrated continuous testing platform that runs tests for different development frameworks. It triggers a test whenever you make a commit on your Travis registered repository. We will use Travis to update our page whenever we make a commit to our repository.
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PowerShell awesome list introduction

Awesome lists are a great thing on GitHub. It’s about collecting useful resources, packages and modules of a certain technology or subject. It’s the best way of introduction if you have to learn about a new technology.
Here’s a good example of a awesome Node.js list by Sindre Sorhus aka the inventor of bower, grunt and many other web tech.

I thought it would be a good idea to do the same for PowerShell. Maybe you’ve got some inputs for me, simply post them in the comment section or make fork of the Awesome PowerShell repository and commit your inputs directly.

So here’s what I’ve got so far:
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Let’s write a Laravel application – Project template

In web development there are tons of programs and tools and due to that also complex and very different development strategies.
Luckily dependency handling got a lot easier. For my Laravel project setup we will use 3 different package managers.
Every package manager of course manages a different resource, we will use composer for php packages, npm for everything related to Node.js and Bower for web packages.
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Backup Public GitHub Gists

To manage my code snippets I’m using GitHubGist connected with Gistbox.

Sadly none of this services providing a backup nor a download function for the gist files. That’s why I came upwith the idea to download them with PowerShell script.

For first my script only can download public gists, because I don’t know how to implement an authentication, luckily each of my gists is public. I recommend you to do the same, it’s the idea of OpenSource.

So here’s the script:

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