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React image loader with a spinner

hey there, I’ve spent as usual a lot of time with React, Mantra and Meteor. While building a simple app I checked out the new Meteor standard for file handling Meteor-Files. It works great, I really recommend this awesome package. But that’s not what I want to show you. The app I’m working on loads pictures form the dropbox api. Downloading the pictures always takes a while. To make sure the user doesn’t get impatient the app is now displaying a spinner when the image is loading. I would to like to show you how I’ve built this image loader and spinner component.
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Meteor and React: Markdown editor with draft.js and marked.js

Recently I switched my current project from Meteor 1.2 to 1.3. While doing so I reworked the code for my markdown editor. When created the markdown editor in the first place I learned about the necessity of a solid platform to build web editors. So this time I used draft.js as base. Facebook open sourced draft.js a few months ago. They use it almost everywhere on Facebook page, so it should be well-tested.

The markdown editor you’re going to build has these features:

  • Instant html preview rendering
  • Support for GitHub flavoured syntax and markdown tables
  • Drag and drop file upload.
  • Copy and paste file upload.

Optionally: File upload with Meteor and FS Collection.
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Convert SSL certificates

This post is part of my Your own Virtual Private Server hosting solution project.
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When buying a certificate from you CA (Certification Authority) e.g. a wildcard certificate for *, you have to convert this file to different formats in order to use them with your webserver installation.
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Update Hostfile with Chrome/Firefox Plugin

Domain-ip mapping is essential in developing new websites as you have to test URLs without changing DNS entries.

Yet I’ve always update the local host file which requires in most cases a restart of the browser. This is a busy an troublesome issue.

Luckily there’s for everything a plugin, tool or script, this also goes for host file updates via Chrome/Firefox plugin.
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SharePoint File Reporting Done Right

To know what type of information a SharePoint Installation is holding could get more difficult as the platform grows.

To set quota templates on the site collection is a good way to keep an eye on the SharePoint storage, but it doesn’t’ show the real used storage.

In case versioning for files is enabled and/or the users don’t check in their files properly these files using space without let you know.

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