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Create a soft wallet and transfer your Ether coins from an exchange

Intrigued by the title you might ask your self: What is the reason to store ether in a software wallet? Well, If you have cryptocoins on an exchange platform there is always the risk of the account getting hacked or the platform goes offline (see MtGox). Exchange platforms for cryptocoins are not as regulated and institutionalized as banks and trading centers are. The risk is in favor of the provider. To assert full control of your coins aka your money it is recommended to store them in a wallet.
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Hide the Open in Explorer option in the SharePoint command ribbon

Since it’s possible to upload documents to SharePoint via Drag and Drop, the “Open in Explorer” option in SharePoint can be removed.

I recommend to remove this option unregarded of it’s possible to upload via Drag and Drop as the user can’t update document metadata in the windows explorer.

Here’s an example of what we want:

Hidden Open in Explorer option

And the solution to achieve this, is available on GitHub:

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Project: Setup Windows 7 Kiosk

The goal of this project is a simple Windows 7 Kiosk installation with nothing else as the newest version of internet explorer installed. A user should not be allowed to do something than can malfunction the system or even elevating the user privileges. I want to show you in this post which GroupPolicies I’ve used and what configurations I made to set up┬áthis type of installation.

First I want to commit my principles for working with ActiveDirectory and Group Policies:

  • If not needed a GroupPolicy shouldn’t contain any registry keys.
    • Group Policies instructions are much easier to read.
  • Only AMDX templates are allowed, this means no AMD templates or anything else.
    • AMDX won’t in contrast to AMD templates becopied to the client, they stay in the SYSVOL Policy Definition folder on the domain controller.
  • The Group Policy objects should be reusable.
  • Configuring the minimum.

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