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Using pass in teams


Pass is the standard password manager for Unix systems. It follows the Unix philosophy.

Pass saves passwords in text files and encrypts them using a gpg key. The folder structure containing the encrypted files is the pass store. Sharing a pass store without handing over the gpg key requires a gpg key exchange. Git is integrated into the pass cli and is used as version control system.

This document is a guideline for users which require access to a shared pass store and is also a documentation of how to set up a shared pass store. The first part elaborates the process of creating a shared pass store and the second part shows how collaboration from the perspective of a user looks like.
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Create a soft wallet and transfer your Ether coins from an exchange

Intrigued by the title you might ask your self: What is the reason to store ether in a software wallet? Well, If you have cryptocoins on an exchange platform there is always the risk of the account getting hacked or the platform goes offline (see MtGox). Exchange platforms for cryptocoins are not as regulated and institutionalized as banks and trading centers are. The risk is in favor of the provider. To assert full control of your coins aka your money it is recommended to store them in a wallet.
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Making Exchange Distribution Lists Externally Available

This might not be best practise but based on the situation you as administrator have to enable this feature.

Making distribution lists externally available is great for spammers, so if you enable this feature, do this as less as possible.

To enable a exchange distribution list for external use I recommand to use this simple PowerShell command:

Set-DistributionGroup <groupname> -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $false
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Archive ActiveDirectory Users and their Mailbox

One of my company’s requirements is the retention time of 10 years for user accounts and their mailbox data, I have to admit, this might not be common or even recommended.
However I have to deal with it.

One problem to face is the availabilty of user account names, by the number of about 500 employees there’s a hight change that two or even more people are having the same name.

To clean up the available names in the system I’ve written a script that renames a users identity and the mailboxes address.
So let’s see what this script does:

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Manage ActiveDirectory Distribution Groups

With Office365 connected with an ADFS you have to redesgin your Exchange distribution groups. ADFS only syncs distribution groups that have these definitions:

  • Group scope is universal
  • Group type is distribution
  • Group members have to be users
    • Yes, it’s not possible to have security groups or something else as distribution group members.

My idea was simple, I’m developing a script that creates for every OU and child OU I’m chosing in the ActiveDirectory structure a distribution list containing the users of the chosen OU recursively.

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Exchange Update Offline Address Book

Since Exchange 2010 the graphical console doesn’t support the same functionality as the PowerShell Exchange console, it’s possible that there occur some exotic errors or a lack of functionality while working with the graphical console. I recommend to use only the Exchange PowerShell console for administrative work.

For example: I had to update the offline address book, I’ve deleted some distribution groups, updated the address list and the offline book, all with the graphical console. Result the address book still wasn’t up to date in the Outlook client after downloading the offline address book.

So I did the same thing with PowerShell:

Get-OfflineAddressbook | Update-OfflineAddressbook
Get-ClientAccessServer | Update-FileDistributionService

And hurray everything worked.