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Add Piwik tracking code to your Koken site

Sadly there’s no native Piwik plugin for the Koken photography CMS.
However you can use another plugin the inject the tracking code to the footer of your site.

  • Install the HTML Injector plugin (Site > Settings > Plugin > Download Plugins).
  • Enable the plugin (Site > Settings > Plugin > HTML injector > Enable).
  • Setup the plugin (Site > Settings > Plugin > HTML injector > Setup).
  • Copy the tracking code of your Piwik site (Piwik > Administration > Websites > [site] > View Tracking code).
  • Paste the code into the footer field and save it.

Well done, your visitors are tracked now.

Source – Piwik Integration in Koken

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Vagrant – portable development environment

Today almost every coder uses git or another vcs and a related service like github for code hosting.

As a front end designer twitters bower is the right tool to manage your libary dependencies.

And for the backend developer the npm package manager is always on board.

Those tools have changed the way of developing websites and webapplication.

They’ve increased productivity and the flexibilty for your application.

So far, there’s only one part lagging behind: It’s the development environment.

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