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SCCM 1702 increase client log size and retention

With additional steps in an image deployment task sequence the log files will grow quite big. By default the Configuration Manager client keeps a log history of 0 and a size limit of 2 MB for each log file. In result you’ll find yourself missing important details when trying to debug a failed operating system deployment. At some point the log files will be cut off. In order to increase the log size and retention, parameters must be configured in two places.
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Make your Redux React app multilingual

For my current React app in development I’m using Redux to manage the client state. As this is the first time using Redux I’m not quite sure what to put in the store yet. But I’ve decided to give the multilingual labels and wordings a try. Below you’ll find a simple approach on how I made my app multilingual using the Redux client state to store the translated content. I assume you are familiar with Redux and React.
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Build a Java 3-tier application from scratch – Part 6: Client view

Welcome to the final part of my tutorial. In this last part we are going to write our view and run the client application.

The client application consists of a login and a data pane. When you’ve successfully logged in, the visibility of these panes will be switched. That’s all you have to know. In case you want to use scene builder to create the client GUI here’s a picture of what you have to build:
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Build a Java 3-tier application from scratch – Part 3: Object-relational mapping

Welcome to third part of my 3-tier application tutorial. Within this and the next part we are going to develope simple webservice that communicates with the database and maps Java objects to data tables.
We will create a controller that communicates with our MySQL database using the EclipseLink ORM to abstract this process.

Here’s a picture of what we want to achieve. A simple webservice that’s serves depending on the url an array of json data.

Java 3-tier webservice
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Assign Temporary Administrator Rights for ActiveDirectory Users via SharePoint list

In my company the user only have user rights on their computers. As you should know you’ll face many problems with this restriction.

Many users want to install third party software on their computers or add a printer at home. To reduce argues and make the user happy, I’ll assign administrator rights for a temporary time.

Based on a predefined GPO and based on a list showing which user has administrator rights in a specified time period, my PowerShell script creates new temporary GPO to assign local administrator rights.

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