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Deploy Ubuntu server

This post is part of my Your own Virtual Private Server hosting solution project.
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Why Ubuntu?


  • Ubuntu is the leading and most popular Linux distro.
  • It’s easy to install, deploy and manage.
  • Ubuntu remains the most popular operating system for OpenStack deployments.
  • It’s available for multiple devices.
  • Ubuntu benefits from a huge community support since ever.
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Update Obsolete User Principal Names in Office 365 Windows Azure Directory

It could happen that the directory sync service (DirSync) doesn’t sync the users UserPrincipalName correctly.

I had an issue where the UserPrincipalName from a user in the Office 365 windows azure directory has been made based on the user’s sAMAccountname. This wouldn’t be problem if as long the¬†sAMAccountname is the as same as the¬†UserPrincipalName, but as you can guess this is not everywhere the case.

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