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Debounce a redux dispatch method in a react component

Tightly connected reactivity in a react application has the side effect that it is sometimes necessary to delay the execution of a method. Assume you have a search input field that filters elements while typing, every field input creates a search request. In order to get rid of unnecessary search requests you have to wait until a user has finished typing and then start the search. To make this work without a search button, you have to intercept repeating executions (debounce) of the search method within a specified time frame and delay the execution of the last call.
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Make your Redux React app multilingual

For my current React app in development I’m using Redux to manage the client state. As this is the first time using Redux I’m not quite sure what to put in the store yet. But I’ve decided to give the multilingual labels and wordings a try. Below you’ll find a simple approach on how I made my app multilingual using the Redux client state to store the translated content. I assume you are familiar with Redux and React.
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