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Forward Windows event log entries to syslog server

Syslog is the defacto standard for sending log messages in an IP network. Instead of pulling log messages from a remote computer as you would do it in a windows environment, the log files are sent by remote computers to a central log repository. This way of managing log files has become the standard for Linux / Unix environments. As our IT systems tends to become hybrids, the questions arises how it possible to send syslog messages from a windows computer. In this post I will present you a simple approach.
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PowerShell – Logging in CMTrace format

CMTrace is probably the first choice for a log viewer in a Microsoft environment. When working with System Center Configuration Manager there aren’t any alternatives available. In a recent scenario I had to write log files in the CMtrace format. There are already many cmdlets available to do so, however, most of them did not work well or were overengineered. There I’ve taken a look at the CMTrace format specs and wrote a PowerShell function to create compatible log files.
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XKCD PowerShell password generator

Through 20 ears of effort, we’ve successfully trained everyone to use passwords that are hard for humans to remember, but easy for computers to guess.

If you are a Hacker News binge reader such as me, you might have read this article: The Guy Who Invented Those Annoying Password Rules Now Regrets Wasting Your Time.

This article reminded my of how stupid current password guidelines are and that we need to change that. A few months ago I wrote a random password generator function and decided that it needs an update to make the generated passwords more memorable.
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Password Generator with PowerShell

Whenever I had to think of a secure password I followed these steps:

  • The right order of vocals and consonants makes it more easy to remember a password.
  • And so do three digits of a number.
  • Add one uppercase Letter. Likely as the first character.
  • Add a dot or another sign to expand to vocabulary even more.
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PowerShell awesome list introduction

Awesome lists are a great thing on GitHub. It’s about collecting useful resources, packages and modules of a certain technology or subject. It’s the best way of introduction if you have to learn about a new technology.
Here’s a good example of a awesome Node.js list by Sindre Sorhus aka the inventor of bower, grunt and many other web tech.

I thought it would be a good idea to do the same for PowerShell. Maybe you’ve got some inputs for me, simply post them in the comment section or make fork of the Awesome PowerShell repository and commit your inputs directly.

So here’s what I’ve got so far:
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