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Download full playlists and all songs by an artist from SoundCloud


First of all I want to apologise for what I’m writing about in this post.
SoundCloud is a music platform where you can listen to almost every song for free.
This is a great network and only works as long users don’t download the songs from SoundCloud.
Great artists advertise their content to get more attention, the last thing they want is that you’ll download their songs.
However there’s no way to prevent people from doing so, as you will see not even the guys behind SoundCloud can prevent their content from being downloaded.
I’d ask you to donate for or buy the songs from the artists you like on SoundCloud.
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Replicate term set changes for managed metadata navigations

This post is a supplement to Limitations and workarounds for managed metadata navigation for multiple site collections.

According to my last post I’ve updated the navigation for all my site collections to use a term set with pinned terms from the global navigation term set.
What I didn’t was the fact that changes in the global navigation term set won’t be applied to pinned terms in other sets.

To apply this changes I’ve written a simple PowerShell function that repins the global navigation terms on the allocated navigation term set.
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