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ILIAS Synchronising Tool

My university Hochschule Luzern uses ILIAS as an open source e-learning and content management platform.

The main part of the publishing process for ILIAS looks like this: The lectureres publish their content (presentations, scripts, software, ..) to ILIAS and the students download it afterwards. It is possible to set up a notification for related changes. However the students still have to copy the files to the local computer manually.

To make this a bit easier, I’ve developed a synchronisation tool with PowerShell. It consists of four script files:
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Backup your OneNote files

If you’re using OneDrive to sync your OneNote files, all OneNote data is stored online. There’s no “real” file containing your notes on your computer.
However by default OneNote backs up your Notebook. But you might not be shure where that is?
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Animes I love

As I don’t want to forget about the beautiful animes I’ve seen so far I’ve created a list of my favorite ones. Even if you don’t know anything about the anime genre or don’t bother about it, you’ll should at least see one in my list. The art of anime is very underestimated in the western hemisphere, it’s far more work to produce an anime than a ordinary hollywood movie.
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HHVM on Ubuntu 14.4 LTS fix

If you’ll get this nasty error:

/usr/bin/hhvm: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Simply run the following command:

sudo apt-get install libgmp10
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I’m back

My site has been down for one week. So what happened? Well, I still don’t know 🙂

This website is hosted by Amazon Web Services. One week ago I updated and rebooted my EC2 server. Then it simply didn’t boot anymore. I was very furious, that’s a typical worst case scenario. Luckily the volume wasn’t affected at all, so I was able to get my backups and configuration files without effort.

While the next few days I’ve set up a new server, it was a good chance to test my VPC tutorials again.

I’m really happy that I could restore the hole site so easily.

Thanks Amazon for nothing 😉

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USA – New York

After 3 months my trip has come in New York to an end. I’m feeling sad to finish travelling but also happy to some familiar faces soon.
I want to thank all the people I’ve met on this journey and made this trip a unique experience.

Here’s a quote and some pictures to say Goodbye New York.
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USA – Nevada and California

My USA trip has almost come to an end. I had a great time here in California and Nevada. I never expected to meet so many people while travelling alone in the USA.

Not the cities are worth being seen, it are the beautiful national parks, the nature and the landscape of California. If you’ll ever go to America don’t miss these things.
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Hong Kong

The last 4 days I’ve spent in the absolutely astonishing city Hong Kong. So far the most crowded place I’ve seen. Skyscrapers that look like toothpicks stand so close to each other that you sometimes can’t remember being in a city, it rather feels like being in a canyon. However getting around is still pretty easy, the MTR is convenient and some buses are even free to use. Without public transport this city wouldn’t work.
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